Audible Sirene


The Del Sol audible alarm produces a powerful beeping sound (101 decibels). The alarm can be connected to one of the outputs on the DS Base Unit, which will allow it to be turned on and off from the “switching” section of the Del Sol App. It can also be mapped to specific inputs (such as a motion sensor) in the app and programmed to turn on automatically.

  • Waterproof housing with epoxy embedded electronics
  • Wiring is required to any 12V-80V DC power source
  • Requires connection to the Del Sol Base Unit
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Material: Heavy-duty plastic housing
Waterproof: Yes
Input Voltage: 14V
Power: 10W
Current: 100 mA
Width: 3″
Height: 1.5″
Depth: 5″
Volume: 101 +/- 3dB

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