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Our variable pricing options ensure that you will find a cost-effective security solution for your yacht.
Regardless of size, we offer various price structures for all requirements.

Del Sol Complete Base Unit DSDel Sol Wireless Complete Range

The Del Sol Wireless Complete System is the perfect with a complete remote monitoring system. The system kit includes the base unit, two Wireless Sensor modules, and three interchangeable attachments to monitor battery, high water, and an entry hatch or door. Additional wired or wireless sensors can be added to expand the system:

    • Monitor battery voltage, bilge activity, high water, temperature, and engine to make sure systems are functioning properly
    • Track GPS position and set geo-fences to know where your boat is at all times
    • Control your lights, A/C, and countless other systems from anywhere
    • Secure your boat by connecting to entry alarms and motion sensors

Del Sol Lite

Del Sol Lite Range

The Del Sol Security Lite Range is the ultimate boat alarm and tracking system which is protecting boats in more than 50 countries. The system is flexible which makes it suitable for most boat sizes. It works globally and will alert an unlimited number of recipients if something happens to the boat or fleet.

Sensors and other accessories are “plug and play”. Place the C-pod in a hidden location, plugin the wired sensors and connect it to the boats power supply, the C-pod will go online automatically and all you need to do is register an account by sending a text message.

C-pod main unit – Fastener for the main unit – GPS antenna – Cellular (GSM) network antenna – Magnetic intrusion sensor – Power cable – Activation button – Hook-and-loop fastener for the GPS antenna – Manual

Important! The Pricing structure below in for our WIRELESS COMPLETE SYSTEM only.

For the WIRED SYSTEM, please see here or click the button below

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Del Sol Wireless Complete Range
A base unit is needed for connection to any or all of the modules. Modules will not work without a base unit.
A base unit is needed for connection to any or all of the modules. Modules will not work without a base unit.
A base unit is needed for connection to any or all of the modules. Modules will not work without a base unit.

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FAQ Wireless Complete Range

It is an optional service for Del Sol to install the system. However, in order to get a discount from your insurance company, the system needs to be certified. In case of a non-registered installer or “self installation” you will need to get a certification from a 3rd party. All products supplied are certified.

The monitoring system is diverted to 2 important stages. Any alarm, however small is noticed, logged and forwarded to the relevant security company in the marina. More, if applicable, the system also sends an alarm to the harbour master and to the local police. In principle, alarms are forwarded to all needed companies or authorities.

Yes. You can log into the Del Sol system via any PC through a web browser like Google Chrome or a Microsoft browser as well as Apple products. Furthermore, we offer an application (App) for your mobile device where you can see status of installed modules, alarms and more. (A small additional connection fee is applicable).

We aim to have systems installed within 10 working days of receiving your permission to work on your vessel. This includes a written statement from the owner, access to keys (via keyholder, harbour master or any other). Del Sol will not board your vessel without the detailed and verified authorization as mentioned above. At point of order, you will receive a separate email which you will need to act on. Shipments to you are in accordance with our delivery carriers and the time frame depends on your location. Any orders before 3pm are processed on the same day.

Yes. Your order will be delivered to the address of your choice. If Del Sol is the chosen installation company, we recommend that we handle your order out of our stock.

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