Del Sol´s logical expansion to the well-known brand Del Sol Luxury Charter, given the current increasing security issues surrounding yachts of all types, has already been positively received by marinas on the Costa del Sol.

Talking to Ralph Ehlers, CEO of Del Sol Luxury Charter, he said:” We understand how serious the security threats are  and have not only decided to supply and install the latest yacht security technology & associated monitoring facilities, but also made sure that our systems are affordable and cost effective”, he continued: “Security is a major factor due to the unpreceded situation making unoccupied yachts an easy target for theft, etc; these threats come in various forms like burglary, looting and “yacht squatting”, he concluded.

Considering the magnitude of these threats it is impossible task for current security personnel and harbour staff to monitor and act accordingly in a timely fashion. Bearing in mind, Del Sol Yacht Security is now including security and monitoring services, able to supply and install sophisticated state of the art security technology for any sized yacht. Units and sensors are easy to install, mainly wireless, thus avoiding non-essential drilling of holes. Once installed and commissioned, the system connects via satellite, GSM or WIFI (or any combination thereof) to the main Del Sol security centre, which is monitored 24/7.

With the dedicated Del Sol App, owner or authorized personnel have the opportunity to monitor their yacht in real time. If a sensor is activated Del Sol Yacht Security will action the appropriate response. Either a technician, police, marina staff or fire brigade making the Del Sol Yacht Security solution the best and most complete security systems for yachts.

Del Sol´s systems do not interfere with current security systems, can therefore be integrated in existing solutions and are fully compliant with International Standards. Providing systems are commissioned by Del Sol Yacht Security, several insurance companies offer discounts on insurance premiums.