About Us

Del Sol Yacht Security is driven by the vision that cost-effective security is achieved by intelligent integration.
We install bespoke yacht security solutions in marinas throughout the Costa del Sol, which are tailor made to match your needs.

Del Sol Yacht Security has extensive experience in designing technical security systems for any type of yacht. Our teams have worked on new build yachts installing systems from scratch and refitting boats. Refits have included replacing and upgrading existing systems or retrofitting a brand-new system.

All our technical projects are bespoke and use our security controller software to combine a suite of sensors, cameras and locks into an integrated, intelligent security system.


The Increasing Security Problem

Investigators have found an increase of yacht and marina related crimes, theft and burglary cases, as mentioned in Europol’s published report.

The report mentions that since the beginning of the crisis there has been a considerable increase of crimes, including squatting and associated vandalism, especially in the Mediterranean area.

During an operation in March police found more than 1500 unlawful entries,  thefts and vandalism, Europol reports.

Europol also warns about increased activity of criminals, especially as yacht owners cannot visit or look after their vessels, where security is already at its limits and may be compromised.

We design and install security systems.

Our technical design department makes a thorough assessment of every client’s specific circumstances to help us design the right solution. We install a variety of systems including our own bespoke user interface and adapted technology.


Our system is designed to provide protection in the critical time gap between the alarm’s activation and the response team’s arrival.


We offer flexible terms and payment options, from monthly leasing payments to outright purchased systems. Ask for details and a quote today.


You have visible access to your yacht, whilst we monitor the security systems 24/7. Any unwanted movements are investigated immediately.

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